The owners of the project companies intend to sell the projects primarily together, to this end, Central-European BlueGold Investment Ltd. (CEBI) was established, which has signed an option to purchase agreement with the owners of each project company to acquire the business share of all the companies involved in the project. By acquiring a 100% interest in Central European BlueGold Investment Ltd., the prospective owner may obtain a right to extract approximately 1.6 million m3 of mineral water a year.


Mineral water well projects

The mineral water projects can primarily be purchased together, secondly, per project, but only as indivisible packages for each project. Each project package includes the following project elements - separately for each project site:

-        project company (Ltd.) with the following assets:

  • project property(ies)
  • mineral water well(s)
  • extractable water reserve with recognized natural mineral water qualification
  • licences

Mineral water well projects:



Zalaqua Ltd

Key Water Ltd

Vitafitt Water Ltd

Sanus Aqua Ltd

Vital Spring Ltd*

Settlement (location of the project in Hungary)






Permitted water quantity

283.000 m3/ year

120.000 m3/ year

146.000 m3/ year

146.000 m3/ year

146.000 m3/ year

Water quantity to be extracted

333.000 m3/ year

380.000 m3/ year

250.000 m3/ year

420.000 m3/ year

210.000 m3/ year

Total dissolved  mineral content (mg/l)

880/714/678 mg/l

710 mg/l

1730/1015 mg/l

492 mg/l

920 mg/l

Total size of the peoject properties

3,0661 ha

2,7334 ha

2,9600 ha

6,0884 ha

6,2388 ha

Town plan according to the town plan the project site (the largest ratio of buildings on land (%))

40% / 7,5m

50% / 7,5m

50% / 9m

50% / 7,5 m

40% / 7,5m

*+ one 180-m deep well with 40,000 m3/ year of permitted water yield, the water of which would be suitable for medicinal water due to its high iodine content. Due to its specialty, we do not calculate this yield in our informative materials, but it is part of the purchase price.

Mineral water well projects in Hungary