Why water?

Why water?

Water is the foundation of life, but there is a limited amount of resources at our disposal to supply the world’s rapidly growing population. Only 0.062 percent of the world’s global water resources is suitable for human use. In the 20th century, the world’s population tripled and water consumption increased sixfold. With the rapid growth of the Earth’s population, more and more water is needed.

Today, about 1.2 billion people live on Earth without clean drinking water, and the United Nations estimates that in 2035 at least 40% of the Earth’s total population will live in countries where there will be a persistent shortage of water.

The amount of fresh water is constantly decreasing due to climatic changes, population growth, overuse and pollution. Water will become one of the most important and appreciated resources in the world in the coming decades.

It is predicted that the world’s water resources will be exhausted sooner than its oil reserves, and water may be more expensive than gold. Mineral water will be one of the most valuable products in the world for decades to come.

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