Why in Hungary?

Why in Hungary?

Among the EU Member States, Hungary has the most naturally recognized mineral waters preceded by only Germany and Italy. The country has favourable geological and hydrogeological features and large underground water resources. Due to its location (Carpathian Basin), the recharge of groundwater resources is ensured for a long time.

Hungary’s favourable geographical location offers optimal conditions for transit traffic. Located in the heart of Europe, it offers excellent logistics for the exportation of mineral water to Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.

The country has very good infrastructure.

The country’s banking system is well-developed, which corresponds to the financial infrastructure of advanced market economies. Many international financial institutions are present in Hungary with high quality financial services.

Hungary is a member of the European Union, characterized by legal certainty, a stable national legal system, and EU harmonization of laws.

The country provides a highly qualified, skilled, motivated workforce below the EU average wage costs.

Mineral water well projects in Hungary