Active or passive?

Due to its nature and in view of market conditions, water-based investments are an excellent alternative both for active and passive investment. More and more people are enriching and diversifying their investment portfolio with this.

After the purchase, the prospective owner will be able to manage these mineral water well projects as a passive investment with minimal owner’s expenses (minimum maintenance costs), as it can multiply the invested capital over the years - given that water is an increasingly valuable resource and even more, it will become the most sought after natural resource in the near future. Providing the right amount and quality of drinking water is a growing problem worldwide. According to forecasts, by the end of this century, water could be more expensive than gold.

Mineral water well projects, as a passive investment, can be converted into an active asset (e.g., mineral water bottling plant) relatively easily with additional investment. The prospective owner will be able to establish a modern, premium quality new plant (based on mineral water demand, e.g., flavoured water, vitamin water, energy drink, canning industry, etc.) suiting its needs and adapted to its product range, in approx. 6 months.  Upon request, our company undertakes the management of the construction of the plant and its operation - according to a separate agreement.

Investing in these mineral water well projects yields much higher returns on the money market than usual.

Mineral water well projects in Hungary