As much mineral water 1.6 million m3/year

As much mineral water 1.6 million m3/year

Out of the 7 mineral water production wells constructed at the five project sites, there is a permit for the extraction of mineral water of 841 thousand m³/year, which can be increased to nearly 1.6 million m³/year - in terms of the capacity of the wells. The permitted water quantities can be increased up to the maximum water yield.

The water of the wells is a natural mineral water recognized by the competent authorities and included in the list of mineral waters recognized by the EU.

The mineral water:

  • comes from a protected aquifer,
  • is inherently clean, free of contamination,
  • its composition is known and almost stable within the limits of natural fluctuation,
  • meets strict microbiological requirements,
  • has a beneficial effect on health due to its mineral and trace element content,
  • cannot be treated (except for deferrisation, demanganisation, arsenic removal, degassing)
  • no foreign substance can be added, except for carbon dioxide,
  • has official authority recognition,
  • to be bottled at the site of extraction.

Our mineral waters come from protected aquifers that are delimited by hydrogeological protection areas. Other wells cannot be drilled and mining cannot be carried out within the protection area, so the water catchment areas are both quantitatively and qualitatively protected.

The constant quality of the mineral water produced does not compromised by dissolution from the structural materials due to gases and/or chemical components.

The extractable volume of water is not expected to be decreased in the long run. Long-term, flawless operation of the wells is guaranteed.

We offer our wells with a fixed and long-term (typically 10 years) extraction right, and at the request of the licensee, this right can be extended regularly before the expiration of the operating licence.

The composition of extractable water provides an ideal basis for the production of quality mineral water or other mineral water based products, including energy drink production, brewing, the production of flavoured waters, soft drinks and fruit juices, and for the canning industry and cosmetics industry.

Mineral water well projects in Hungary