7 high quality mineral water wells

7 high quality mineral water wells

The wells presented on this website have been established following scientific geological and hydrogeological research as a result of purposeful real estate development activities.

The wells have been constructed with the help of professionals (e.g., certified geophysical engineers, environmental engineers, geologists, real estate developers) - as a result of 3 years of preparation and implementation.

The wells are new. They have been implemented over the past few years, using state-of-the-art, strictly controlled, certified materials, adhering to professional requirements, under strict technical supervision, in accordance with industry standards and the plans, using the most up-to-date materials possible. Technological materials (filters, pipelines) specially developed for the production of mineral water and drinking water have been incorporated into the well structure.

All wells have hydrogeological protection areas (qualitatively and quantitatively protected water catchment area, other wells cannot be drilled and mining cannot be carried out within the protection area).

Mineral water wells have excellent quality mineral water and high water yields per year.

Well licensing is complete and up to date. The licensing and then the construction of a bottling plant (or other building, e.g., canning factory, etc.) can be started immediately.

Mineral water well projects in Hungary