5 carefully selected areas

5 carefully selected areas

Hungary is classically considered a “mineral water superpower”, but there are a number of prerequisites (existence of hydrogeological conditions that affect the availability of the aquifer, the amount of extractable water and the purity and chemical composition of the extracted water; protection zones of existing wells, conservation aspects, etc.) that seriously restrict the possibility of mineral water extraction, therefore only few sites are suitable for extracting good quality, economically extractable mineral water in the country. These potential locations are further limited by the business aspects of bottling and logistics. For the selection of project sites, the development company has ordered a hydrogeological background study covering the entire country. Taking into account the geological, hydrogeological, geochemical data and the legal and other relevant parameters of each area, this study explored potential mineral water extraction sites, where water quality, hydrogeological conditions, legal options, and economic factors make a good combination. The mineral water well projects presented on this website have been implemented at these sites.

The properties of the project have excellent infrastructure features, have public utilities in the vicinity, and have good logistics capabilities. Due to good logistics options, bottled mineral water can be transported to both Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia relatively easily.

Project properties are typically classified as economic-commercial-service zones, with 40-50% site coverage. Their size (the area of the project property) is suitable for building the bottling plant and the warehouse (site).

In the areas of the properties, high-yield, EU-recognized mineral water wells have been developed, with full and up-to-date licensing.

The properties are currently not built up, they are in a state suitable for starting the project.

The 5 areas, i.e. the subprojects, can be purchased both together and separately.

Mineral water well projects in Hungary